Defined Jurisdiction


Jurisdiction of the Human Rights Tribunal

The Human Rights Tribunal has a very defined jurisdiction. The geographical boundaries and seaward boundaries of The United States of America; NAC: 70PHZ P5FJ2.

The reason for the term international is because each of the original States are independent countries in one league  of friendship. Therefore, the Human Rights Tribunal has to be in the international category to serve its purpose.

The Human Rights Tribunal does not have jurisdiction in England, France, Germany, Iraq, Iran, or anywhere else other than The United States of America, and very limited advisory jurisdiction in Canada through the original Articles of Confederation.

Cooperation with The Human Rights Tribunal is essential to relieving Americans of consistent Human Rights Violations.

The Human Rights Tribunal has been returned to the reign of the heavens society Temple as of 10-1-2016 and the Ministers of the Temple shall convene as its Tribunal.