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  1. Hi there 👋
    I am interested in knowing if your website is really connected to the U.S. Supreme Court, and if so what will happen to those celebrities being charged with serious violations of the UDHR? I am asking because the charges are similar to what is being alleged by many people, and groups, on Telegram, Rumble and also Meta.

    There is a website called Divinecosmos.com where the owner, David Wilcock, has been posting articles and videos about conspiracies, not conspiracy-theories, since at least 2009. The articles are about financial tyranny, advanced starship-technology cover-ups, reptilians, and even two video-presentations describing mass-arrests that took place during the Corona lockdowns i 2020.

    Your court documents look like the reported sealed indictments on Hollywood celebrities which David Wilcock started to write about on his website in 2010.

    One Telegram group (CBK News) reported yesterday that mass-arrests have begun starting with EU Vice-president, Eva Kaili, whixh David Wilcock also reported for years would one day happen.

    Does your court have the legal authority and ability to enforce the arrests of the Deep State criminals listed in the court documents?

    1. This court is NOT connected to the U.S. Supreme Court. This court is for The United States of America which has nothing to do with the corporation known as the United States.

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